About... Wharram
  The Official James Wharram Designs Website
  Polynesian Catamaran Association with 'The Sea People' and 'Sailorman' Archive
... Wharram Cat underway
  Peter, Alexandra und Finn sailed around the world
... Marinas in Italy
  Marina Stella, for many years a pleasant and safe haven forJOJO
... Marinas in Greece
  Preveza Marina with friendly and competent crew
  Marina and Shipyard in Kilada in the Argolian Gulf
... Digitally sailing
  SeaClear is a proven PC based chart plotter for raster charts
  OpenCPN - Chartplotter and GPS Navigation Software
  The Bavarian Udo Wyklicky sailed with his catamaran Prout Quest 31 within six years round the world and had enough time, itself, on that occasion, to deal in detail with DIGITALLY SAILING...
  ...and to write an interesting and informative report
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