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Update 2017:

In January 2017 the boat was disassembled in Italy, packed in containers and shipped to Hong Kong. After arriving in March it was assembled by David and his friend Christoph at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club again and sailed across the South China Sea to the Philippines.
About this there is an interesting blog by Christoph

On April 19th I received the following mail from the Philippines:
'Hello Josef, yesterday we finally got into puerto galera. After a lot of delays in HK and subic, we are very happy to have finally arrived. JOJO has done very well in practice. Now I have time to rest, than I have to work again. Many greetings, David'

Summer 2015 and 2016 :

In August 2015 I sold the Catamaran to David from Germany.
But for various reasons he was not able to take over the boat before July 2016.
New port of registry is Hamburg.

25 years since the start of construction work in 1991 till the handover in 2016.
During this time JOJO played an important part in my life. A lot of work in the beginning, but later on a time full of memorable moments and joyful sailings, a time which I would not like to miss.

Summer 2014:

In August/September, after a 2-year break, I sailed again this year, in a 3-week cruise. With a friend I sailed from Italy to Croatia, to the Kvarner region.
There is a report on it in the Photo album 2014

Summer 2012 and 2013:

In May I hand JOJO over to Roman, a longtime friend and Wharram sailor from Switzerland. He sailed in the summer of 2012 and 2013 with friends from Italy to Croatia.
On July 20, I received the following SMS from Croatia:
"Hi Josef, we are sailing, sailing, sailing, unusual wind conditions, we are currently in Mali Losinj. JOJO is a great ship.
Greetings from the whole crew. See you soon, Roman"

Kroatia trip summer 2011:

From the 23rd of June to the 2nd of August, 2011 we have sailed 800 sea miles from Cervignano del Friuli/Italy to Croatia till Cavtat/Dubrovnik and again back to Marina Stella near Lignano in Italy. There is a report on it in the Photo album 2011

25th of August, 2010:

10 years of JOJO: During these 10 years I have spent 342 days on the boat and the log indicates 4.740 sea miles.
In the meantime the crossbeams and other parts were repaired by me, both engines reconditioned, were brought back to Italy and the catamaran was assembled again.

Relocation trip summer 2009 :

In September, 2009 we sailed 620 miles in 14 days from Preveza/Greece, passing Albania, Montenegro and Croatia to Cervignano del Friuli in Italy. There is a report on it in the Photo album 2009

In November, 2009 the catamaran was completely disassembled in his individual parts. The crossbeams and various other overhaul-destitute parts were brought to Austria and are being repaired by me to be ready again for the next sail season.